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Bricking the wall, framing the door: A method for addressing scope creep.

Managing scope creep can be tricky. During my time with Codeable, I’ve sen many cases where the client and the contractor experience disagreement over additional work being outside or inside of the original scope. This article highlights several techniques and methods we advise experts to consider when addressing items that are definitively out scope. Concept: […]

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GOD OF WAR RAGNARÖK – Full Game Playthrough – Surviving Fimbulwinter ~ 4k HD – No Commentary – 60FPS – SPOILERS

Please enjoy this no-commentary playthrough of God of War Ragnarok in 4k. Chapter 1. Surviving Fimbulwinter In this playthrough, we begin the game as Kratos, God of War, with his son Atreus who are both at the end of a hunt when they are ambushed by Freya, seeking to avenge the loss of her son […]

High quality 8k SciFi Spaceship Corridor,3D Rendering , shuttle interior based on the real space station  International space station.window to earth view.footage available on adobe stock video
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Guttenberg Sliders and Galleries for WordPress

Regular WordPress Gallery Block Gutenberg Integration This is manageable from within Gutenberg Custom Post Types This uses the native media library and does not require a CPT Styles Native gallery block will be styled by the installed WordPress theme. This can significantly change the expected behavior. Lightbox Support There is no native lightbox support. Caption […]