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Bricking the wall, framing the door: A method for addressing scope creep.

Managing scope creep can be tricky. During my time with Codeable, I’ve sen many cases where the client and the contractor experience disagreement over additional work being outside or inside of the original scope. This article highlights several techniques and methods we advise experts to consider when addressing items that are definitively out scope. Concept: Bricking The Wall / Framing the Door Two key techniques for managing scope creep are “bricking the wall” and “framing…

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Complex/nested/relational tax_query and pre_get_posts troubles

I was recently tasked with modifying the admin search for a WordPress CPT to include a taxonomy dropdown filter that allowed the client to search a property by the number of bedrooms it contains as well as the type of home it was. The client wanted the search behavior to return properties with bedrooms greater than 1 if 1 was selected and greater than 2 if 2 was selected, etc. During this attempt, I thought…

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How to use Google Slides to autogenerate featured images

I want to show you how you can leverage Google Slides to quickly generate graphic props for your content.  I stumbled on this technique while I was looking for ways to generate WordPress featured images on the fly, but I learned quick that this would be helpful to youtubers, podcasters, and others. The Premise The idea for this technique is to collect or develop a large number of slide templates in a Google Slide Deck,…

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