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Guttenberg Sliders and Galleries for WordPress

Regular WordPress Gallery Block Gutenberg Integration This is manageable from within Gutenberg Custom Post Types This uses the native media library and does not require a CPT Styles Native gallery block will be styled by the installed WordPress theme. This can significantly change the expected behavior. Lightbox Support There is no native lightbox support. Caption Support Caption support appears to be well… in this theme. Our lightbox plugin also handles caption support well. Extendify Gallery…

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How to import liked YouTube videos into WordPress

The WordPress plugin described in this article has been retired and is no longer active on my personal website. An archive of the work still exits at this GitHub repo. If you visit my personal website you will notice the homepage is setup to show a random video I liked on YouTube. I’ve also given my liked videos their own page so you can see what videos I’ve liked in chronological order. Here take a look at these…

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