Minecraft Plugins for WordPress: a 2020 outlook.

In this article I’ll compile a list of WordPress plugins that are generally geared towards Minecraft Server operators. There doesn’t appear to be a wealth of available plugins out there are the moment, but there are a few good ones.

This list will grow as I continue to explore what is available.


Server Status For Minecraft aka (MCServerStatus)

This plugin provides a widget that should show your server details but it appears to not have been updated in the last 2 years or tested with the last 3 major WordPress releases.

It partially works. I have some issues with the player count and the MOTD not showing that I have not been able to figure out. But I was able to get some of the server attributes to show (see below)

Check out the all the widget settings below (remember not all of them word… at least not for me):

A git repository for MCServerStatus WordPress plugin can be found here.

To download this plugin from the WordPress.org plugins directory, you can head here:

Ecommerce Integrations


This plugin is built to handle server donations and even ships with it’s own complimenting MineCraft plugin. And the TLDR on this one is… it works! You will need to install a .java version of this plugin into your Minecraft server to make the connection to your WordPress installation, but it is not that hard.

Here’s an excerpt straight from their GitHub repo:

WooMinecraft is a free Minecraft Donation plugin for your server that provides a self-hosted solution where you’re the boss. By leveraging a well known eCommerce plugin on the WordPress side of things, we allow you to specify commands for product variations, general product commands, and resending of donations at any time.


The WordPress Plugin

The first thing I have to do is go grab and install WooCommerce because at the time of writing this article my blog is still very new. And Done!

Next I install the WooMinecraft WordPress plugin onto this site.

The Java Minecraft Plugin

Next I install the Java plugins into my Minecraft Server and follow all the instructions from their wiki. The .jar file can be downloaded from here.

Testing out to see if the plugin is loaded and connected to my website.

Creating the WooCommerce Donation Product

Next thing to do is to create a WooCommerce product here at the site and tie an OP command to it. Let’s say that we wanted to have a donation that gave the donor special permissions, or even special items. We could set this up.

For my first product I’d like to accept donation that set the bonus number of claimable blocks from 5000 max to 6000 max, and maybe for a slightly larger donation we could increase the bonus to 7000 max claimable blocks. I think I’ll also give the player 5,000-10,000 worth of gold blocks so they can deposit it into their banks and use it on the mats shop.

I chose to create a variable product and increase the rewards with higher donation amounts. Was very pleased to see that this plugin supported variable products.

Testing a Donation

Now that my product is set up the next thing to do is to test a donation.

During checkout it asks me for my Minecraft username. I enter it along with my checkout details and viola! I successfully donated!

Claiming donation perks as a MC user

Now we just need to type in /woo check from within Minecraft and we should get our rewards.

And failure.

I checked the server console and it looks like the server is getting a 403 error when it tries to connect to my site’s REST API

Server thread/WARN Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://hudsonatwell.co/wp-json/wmc/v1/server/SUPERSECRETKEY

Minecraft Console

and likewise from WPEngine’s (My Current Hosting Provider) NGINX Access logs: – www.hudsonatwell.co – [25/Oct/2020:01:44:07 +0000] “GET /wp-json/wmc/v1/server/SUPERSECRETKEY HTTP/1.0” 403 146 “-” “Java/1.8.0_211”

nginx access logs – wpengine

I got stuck here and had to ask WPEngine for help. WPEngine was able to fix this (The were blocking the request by the Java/1.8.0_211 useragent.)

They whitelisted the useragent and now my Minecraft Server can connect to my WP REST API successfully and now when I type in /woo check the awards are properly granted.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

I’d be very interested in what other Minecraft server admins would like to see in a WordPress plugin. I work with hundreds of senior WordPress developers and am one myself. Maybe I could have one made. Please leave your ideas in the comments!

Hudson Atwell


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