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Minecraft Server – A list of spigot mods with journal entries

Server Mods

Set Home

  • /sethome
    • set your home location to where you are standing
  • /home
    • Will transport you home (5 second countdown)

Gold Bank

Quickly deposit and withdraw your gold into a bank from the command line. Trade gold with other players.

/bank - check your balance
/bank balance - check your balance
/bank deposit - deposit gold in hand
/bank deposit all - deposit all gold in inventory
/bank pay <player> <amount> - pay an amount of gold to a player
/bank withdraw <amount> - withdraw amount of gold
/bank withdraw all - withdraw all your gold
/bank transfer <player> <amount> - transfer to player amount of gold
/bank baltop - list the top bank balances
/bank balance <player> - get a player's balance
/balance <player> - get a player's balance
/baltop - list the top bank balances
/deposit - deposit gold in hand
/deposit all - deposit all gold in inventory
/pay <player> <amount> - pay an amount of gold to a player
/withdraw <amount> - withdraw amount of gold
/withdraw all - withdraw all your gold


This mod helps users trade their gold in to buy building supplies. Deposited Gold does not need to be present in inventory in order to purchase items, although gold within inventory will be counted towards your overall balance.

You can also trade other metals and farming produce for in game currency. We’ve listed our economy settings file here and we’re definitely open to pull requests!

  • 1 gold block = 81$
  • 1 gold ingot = 9$
  • 1 gold nugget = 1$


/shop - Opens the shops menu.


This mod supports our Gold Bank plugin.


This mod helps players stake claims. But beware, items can still be stolen. Better hide your treasures well…

To claim your land take a golden shovel and mark two opposing corners of your plot. To view claim borders, point a golden sword over your claim.

See [wiki] for more commands

  • /abandonclaim
    • Deletes the claim you’re standing in.
  • /trust <player>
    • Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
  • /accesstrust <player>
    • Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
    • Also accepts all
  • /containertrust <player>
    • Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
    • Also accepts all
  • /untrust <player>
    • Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
  • /TrustList
    • Lists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in.
  • /ClaimsList <player>
    • Lists a player’s claims and claim block details.

Magic (Wands)

Over 100 different wands with different spells can be discovered chests across the world. Seek a blaze rod and a nether star to craft one or hunt a witch for a rare drop.



A browser accessible map of the discovered world.

  • /map
  • /map_open
    • These two commandswill proide a link to open the browser based map
  • /map_showme
    • Adds your player to the map
  • /map_hideme
    • Hides your player from the map

nuVotifier / VotingPlugin

A tool for reacting to member votes.

Use command /vote to see our voting locations and earn gold as well as other prizes for voting daily! Thanks for your support ????

Teleport Alias

Exra teleport commands for admin.

  • /addalias alias x y z
    • Add a new alias
    • Requires teleportalias.addalias permission
  • /editalias alias x y z 
    • Edit an alias
    • Requires teleportalias.editalias permission
  • /listalias 
    • List all aliases
    • No permissions required
  • /removealias alias [alias…] – Remove an alias
    • Requires teleportalias.removealias permission

World Edit

A tool for editing large amounts of terrain and importing/exporting builds.


Permissions management plugin.


GreifPrevension Flags

Helps us disable mobs and hunger at spawn.


Helps create custom commands.


Helps with welcome messages and running commands when certain events happen.


Removes “Player moved too quickly” throttle.


Helps create restockable chests.


Craft special items as well as some other special game additions.

World Edit

Mass Edits, Copy/Pasting


Kind of like World Edit but a little easier to use. Checking it out now.

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